As an organization with more than 30 years' history, Asiatic Group of Companies combines the traditional business philosophy of the founder, Mr Yap Bau Tan and the fluid mobility of the modern management system. This caters to the needs of the region's varying business expectations. Based in Singapore, the cross-road of different business cultures, we are able to meet the sophisticated needs in the Singapore market and at the same time, we are flexible enough to understand the need to be more traditional in our approach to other newly industrialized countries.
With a philosophy that the company has lived by since its founding days, we strive to meet the needs of the market by bringing the latest products available to users in the most effective ways, bridging technology and the users. This has led us to handling a range of products that meets a wide spectrum of needs in the domestic, commercial and industrial applications. The products handled ranges from process & service pumps, refrigerants, conveyor chains, cooling towers, industrial & decorative electrical switches and institutional chemicals. We have now extended our marketing and management expertise to the distribution of material handling equipment and systems. Each of these products are managed and marketed by different companies assuring specialization in each field.
The Internet revolution has taken information to the doorsteps of both manufacturers and users, but there is still the very real need for direct integration with the users. With offices located in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam, The Asiatic Group of Companies is able fulfil this real need with each office supported by local staff in the country.
Being in the middle of a region with a population of 520 million people that has very diverse cultural and developmental levels, has presented The Asiatic Group with lots of potential for growth in different areas. It is with such opportunities and our ability to harness the experience of our people that we are able to form the network between users and the technologies developed from around the world. With China's accession to the WTO, the market will be more than trebled with an astounding 1.75 billion people, paving the way for more development structurally and economically in the region. Asiatic Group of Companies with our regional network recognizes this to be the impetus for our development in the region now and for the future.