Started as a distributor of pumps, refrigerants, mechanical transmission products and high quality industrial tools.
Incorporated as a 'Private Limited' company in order to allow for development of greater business opportunities.
Started out as mechanical transmission division in the parent company but with strong demand and sales, it becomes inevitable that striking out on it's own becomes necessary.

Recognizing the need to meet customers needs and expectations, Asiatic M&E Services was set up to provide aftersales services to pump users.

Another company that has it's beginning as a division in the parent company, has also grown to soar on her own. Specialized in refrigeration and air condition parts, Asiatic Refrigeration serves the growing market in the demand to improve creature comforts.

Our first overseas office was set up in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. With the many similarities in the people, culture and needs, Asiatic was able to share our experience in pumps and pumping systems in the Malaysian market by putting ourselves in their doorstep.

Reinforced by the success in the Malaysian capital, another office was set up in Johor to serve the pump industry. This operation taps on the overflow of industrial activities from Singapore to our northern neighbour.

Started out as a division in AsiaMech Engineering, marketing industrial, commercial and residential electrical products, but with increased activities, Asiatic Techno branched out on its own to further its commercial capabilities.

In the biggest ASEAN market, Asiatic Engineering set up operations in Surabaya, the second largest industrial city in Indonesia. Marketing and selling our pumps & systems through a team experienced and dedicated sales engineers.

Drawing upon our retail experience in the refrigeration and air condition spare parts business in Singapore, a branch office using the Singapore business model was set up in KL.

Vietnam Representative Office
With a high number of Singaporean contractors engaged in projects in Vietnam, Asiatic Engineering rode along with them to set up an operation in the southern business hub, Ho Chi Minh City to provide support and service to the pumps and systems we have supplied and installed in the Vietnamese market.

Provides various industrial, institutional and aircraft specialty chemicals to meet varying needs which are met with chemicals designed and formulated to comply to the highest industrial standards.

A service provider to automotive air-conditioning industry. Providing installation and maintenance services for automotive air-conditioners operating through a workshop in the middle of the automotive industrial district.

Serving the automotive spare parts replacement market by providing genuine automotive parts and ensuring reliability in parts purchased.