Located just outside the city centre, this office operates as the corporate headquarters for the group. Built during the pre-war era, it exudes the Old World charm on the outside but the interior is rebuilt to facilitate a dynamic team of people managing the regional network. This has been the heart of the Asiatic Group's operation for 33 years.

Growing with the business, space for operations and warehousing increased through the years. Manufacturing and warehousing operations are consolidated in hub of the heavy industrial area in a 9,000 sq meters facility. This facility is easily accessed with the great infrastructure within Singapore and only 5 minutes to the 2nd link into Malaysia.

With the break neck pace of business in the region, having access to equipment when needed is critical. With stocks in excess of S$5.0 million, we can meet most of such needs. This strong inventory also serves the requirements in the regional offices of the group.

Expectations are getting higher, requirements more sophisticated. It is our belief that one cannot meet such demands if we do not have a hand in it. With our own full time team of fabricators, technicians and quality controllers, we set our minds at ease when it comes to ensuring top notch quality equipment delivered to site, meeting the standard, setting the standards.