With the shrinking world and the narrowing technological gap, success in the pump market has become reliant on more than just quality products. Recognizing this, we strive to be a leader in the industry through effective management of people. With effective management and motivation, people will see the need to learn and to capitalize on their knowledge to extend service beyond expectation to customers.

  Not just pursuing a goal, but going after it with commitment, that is what we have set out to do. Providing training is an expectation, but to create a learning habit takes more than just a training program. In achieving this, we have set out to inculcate a learning organization that motivates and encourages progressive learning at every level by providing a challenging environment for all. With this commitment, whether it is in marketing, sales or service, we learn to anticipate and exceed customers' expectation.

  As a pioneer in the pump industry in Singapore, with 32 years of selecting, selling and installing pumps in all kinds of industries, we have had our fair share of successes and failures. We have our pool of satisfied customers to attest to our successes but not all are for making the right decisions. Some are with problems, either with the system or a wrong selection, but ultimately, through consolidation of our experience and working with the manufacturers and the users, we have garnered a wealth of experience not just in making the right selections, but also in solving pumping problems. It is this wealth that we believe in sharing.