In 1969, Asiatic Engineering was set up as a general trading company where mechanical power transmission equipment was one of the products marketed as a division. With the industrial boom in the 70's, business and demand grew extensively and to cope with the increased demand for specialization and management of this market, Asia-Mech Engineering Pte Ltd was then incorporated on 27th May 1980.

Through the years of handling this industry, AsiaMech Engineering has consolidated extensive knowledge and understanding of the products. Tapping on the distribution channel of the subsidiary offices abroad, AsiaMech's products have reached faraway markets in Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam. With our extensive knowledge and experience, we are able to provide advice and recommendations to the users in the region.

As a Power Transmission Specialist, we offer a complete program of electronic and mechanical drive systems that are distinguished by reliability and efficiency.

AsiaMech does not only supply single mechanical power transmission components but also offers solutions for complete drive systems including planning and commissioning of complete mechanical process systems based on users' requirements.

Apart from transmission equipment, we enhance our support to customers by providing equipment for their system maintenance needs, fulfilling our maxim; 'One-Stop Shopping For Your Transmission Needs'.

With our extensive experience in the industry and our relationship with manufacturers from around the world, we have access to the latest technologies from manufacturers in Japan, USA & Germany, who are leaders in the field. With our advantage, we are able to evaluate the most cost-effective products matching the needs of each requirement.

In order to meet the pace of the industry, both locally and regionally, we are supported by inventory housed in our Singapore facilities which is in excess of S$0.5 million, meeting most requirements of customers.

Recognizing our commitment to the Quality Management System, AsiaMech Engineering Pte Ltd had been accredited with ISO9002 certification in 1998 and we are now accredited to the latest ISO9001-2000 certification.