With the very wide range of products that Asiatic Engineering has access
to, we are able to provide solutions to fluid handling applications to a wide range of industries.

With the relatively vibrant construction industry, pump supply for building services still forms a major part of our business. Our wide range of products covers pumps for chilled water and condenser water pumps in the air-conditioning systems, potable water transfer and automatic booster pumps, ejector and sump pumps for handling waste, swimming pool pumps, hot water circulation pumps and fire protection pumps. Apart from commercial applications, we have similar smaller systems used in domestic installations.

With buildings being built higher and chemicals and processes in industries getting more sophisticated, having a reliable fire protection system is a must. The fire pumps form a critical part in this system. We
are representing leading fire pump manufacturers with pumps built to
full compliance with FM/UL approval and NFPA-20 or LPCB requirements.
Pumps can either be diesel engine driven or electric motor driven and
used in the fire main system or the sprinkler system, we have supplied
them to many landmark projects here and some abroad.

With the very wide manufacturing field, pumps used are very varied. Our
extensive range of pumps is able to cover a very large part of this
requirement. With the standard constructed centrifugal pumps to pumps
with very exotic materials of constructions. For more sophisticated liquids or semi-liquids, we have a wide range of positive displacement pumps that covers peristaltic pumps, gear pumps, screw pumps and lobe pumps. Liquids handled are honey, meat paste, fish paste, pulp, molasses, silicate slurry, graphite paste, bentonite, glue and a whole list of difficult to handle liquids.

In the shipbuilding industries, apart from shipboard pumps for bilges, fire fighting, general service, fuel transfer, fuel feed, lube oil transfer and hydrofor pumps, our range of equipment also covers ultra high pressure pumpsets used in hull cleaning works. For shipboard pumps, we can supply pumps with various marine approvals like ABS, NK or Lloyds Registrar.

We have a wide range of chemical pumps in stainless steel and non-metallic execution for the Chemical industry. Metallic pumps with chemical resistant liners are also available. Within our range we have the largest stainless steel internal gear pumps manufactured for the polycarbonate industry. Some of the applications supplied to are for scrubbers, chemical transfer, chemical injection, chemical feed and chemical processing. In the more sophisticated processing industry, we have ultra-high pressure pumps reaching 2800 bar (40,000psig) and temperatures up to 400ºC.

Asiatic has in our range, sanitary pumps that handle chilli paste, tomato paste, fish paste, molasses, chocolate, milk, dough, minced meat and a long list of other food products. Stainless steel lobe pumps, progressive cavity pumps and peristaltic pumps are used for viscous food products and for thinner liquid food products, centrifugal type sanitary pumps are used.

With the presence of leading international manufacturers here, Singapore
is a major source of procurement for Process machine manufacturers, not
only in Singapore, but regionally as well. This is especially so with machines that handles liquids. With such machines, the pump becomes a critical component in the system. In Asiatic, we have very reliable, very compact pumps for water, oils or chemicals that can be easily fitted into a tight corner in a machine. Pumps are available in cast irons, stainless steels or non-metallic. Drives can be with electrical motor, direct gear driven or even magnetically driven.

In the power engineering industry, where a higher criteria of pump design is called for, applications cover fuel pumps for high or low capacities, high capacity, high pressure and high temperature condensate pumps, boiler feed pumps, raw water pumps for cooling and sump pumps. Equally critical are applications in the oil & gas industry where we have supplied pumps that meet API-610 or API-676 and fire pumps that meet either FM/UL Listed, NFPA-20 approved or LPCB approved.

In the fields of water management and environmental control, we can supply very large pumps for irrigation, water in-take, water diversion and water distribution in fixed installations or we can also cater to emergency systems requiring mobility and quick deployment in environmental disasters like flooding or pollution. Besides pumps used for product transfers in waste or water treatment plants, we also have a range of chemical feed pumps for dosing and high pressure pumps used in reverse osmosis systems.

The applications in mining industries require designs of equipment used to be efficient, highly durable, simple and safe. For mine dewatering, we have pumps that meet the often abrasive or corrosive characteristic of ground water. In the mine process machinery, abrasive slurries are often handled with either our high chrome lined or rubber lined centrifugal pumps.

Singapore may not be known as agriculture related economy but we are able to supply pumps in this industry to the neighboring countries. We can supply large pumps for governmental irrigation projects or smaller irrigation pumps for individual plots. Pumps used can be vertical or horizontal, mixed flow or axial flow types. Submersible bore-hole pumps are also available. In Singapore, we supply to smaller scale agriculture related industries as in hydroponics, horticulture and aquaculture industries.