Stainless Steel Close-coupled Centrifugal Pumps
  S P (M)
  This new generation pump, the 'Sprint' series, is a state-of-the-art line pumps, which its entirely hydraulic wet-ends are manufactured from AISI 304 stainless steel.
  Adopting the unique stamping process and total computer control in the manufacturing process, total standard of quality was achieved. The end product is one of superior quality and efficiency to meet today's sophisticated application requirements in the building services and general industry.
  The unique pressing technology that revolutionised the pump design concept, coupled with the AISI 304 pressed stainless steel hydraulic wet-ends, leads to higher operating efficiency over a wider range of capacities and lowers operating costs.
    Designed with centreline discharged, ensuring maximum resistance to misalignment and distortion from pipe loads.
The volute casing is designed as an integral part of the pump body.
    Impeller is of enclosed type, with projection-welded blades.
  Stuffing Box
    Mechanical seals are fitted as standard. Depending on characteristics of liquid handled, various sealing material options are available.
    Coupled to totally enclosed fan-cooled, aluminium finned frame motor, with IP55 (weatherproof) protection rating as standard.
  General purpose water or non-aggressive liquid transfer application in building services & the general industry.
  Pressure booster systems
  Water circulation for machine cooling
  Fire hosereel application
  Light irrigation for lawns & gardens
  Applications in waste water treatment system handling non-aggressive liquid
  Heat exchanger
  Liquid handled
    Clean water or non-aggressive liquid compatible to AISI 304/303 stainless steel.
  Working pressure
    Maximum working pressure up to 8 bar or 800 kPa.
    Up to 260 litres/min or 15.6 m3/hr
  Discharge pressure
    Up to 6 bar or 61 metres
  Operating temperature
    -15 to 80oC with NBR/ceramic/carbon standard fitted mechanical seal. For higher temperature, special seals are available upon request.
  Operating speed
    Operating speed of 2900 rpm