Progressive cavity, helical rotor pump
  B Range
    Conventional universal with hollow shaft design
  C Range
    Close coupled pump with sealed universal joint for direct coupling on to gearboxes or electric motors
  D Range
    Fully sealed universals for handling of sensitive products
  E Range
    Wide throat/open hopper design with sealed universal suitable for products which have poor flow characteristics
  F Range
    Flexible shaft driven pump with no universals for higher flow and higher pressures
  Mini Range
    The Mini Range with a fully sealed universal is suitable for chemical dosing and transfer applications
  Excellent suction capabilities - inherently self-priming
  Good solids handling capabilities including fibrous material
  Reversible - umps in either direction with equal efficiency
  Capacity is proportional to speed (suitable for dosing application)
  Pressure is independent of speed
  No valves
  Loose seal/ gland arrangement
  Gentle handling of shear-sensitive products of over 1 million centipoise
  Solid or hollow shaft option
  Pulse-free flow
  Simple & robust construction
  Ability to handle products with a large percentage of entrained gas
  Water & wastewater industry
    Belt & filter press feed; flocculants; activated carbon & lime dosing; acids & alkalis for pH control; all sludges including those with high gaseous content macerated sewage
  Paper & pulp
    Paper stock; coatings; dyestuffs, adhesives; starches; waste
  Brewing & beverages
    Yeast; spent grains, kieselguhr; glucose; wine; coffee; fruit juices & pulp
    Explosives; dewatering; flocculants; grouting; dust suppression; gland service; backfilling; sludges
    Acids & alkalis; emulsions; petrochemicals; effluents; sludges; explosive
  Food, dairy & confectionery
    Fat; conserves, preserves; processed foods; dairy products; oils; glucose; jams; molasses; sugar; syrups; confectionery; waste product
  Pharmaceuticals & cosmetics
    Soap; ointments; creams; toothpaste; raw materials; paste; shampoo; detergents
    Liquid manure; feedstuffs; irrigation; fertilizers; pesticides; herbicides
    Clay slip; glazes; waste products
  Building & construction
    Cement slurries; paint; aerated grout; bitumen; mortar & waste products
  Viscous products
    Standard options are specially hardened and hard chromed-plated rotors in either EN-8 or tool steel, as well as stainless steel. Special alloys are optional
    Natural, nitrile, hi-nitrile, EPDM, hypalon or viton rubber are the standard stator options. Other possibilities include the use of solid materials
  Universal joints

Grease lubricated pin-type joints are either single or fully sealed. Standard or single sealed Universal provides adequate sealing protection against the ingress of foreign material into the universal joint Suitable for handling most products in the industry

'Fully' sealed Universal would be the option when neither ingress of chemical product nor contamination of the product handled by the lubricant within the joint can be tolerated, the fully sealed universal joint provides complete sealing protection. typical applications are handling foodstuff, and explosive slurries

  Drive shaft
    Manufactured from various high quality steels, drive shafts are hard chromed-plated in the gland area for excellent wear resistance. Hollow or solid shaft designs are standard
  Stuffing box
    The heavy-duty stuffing box accommodates a full range of braided gland packings or mechanical seals of various configurations
  Seal housings
    These are produced as a separate casting suitable fro EuroDIN seals or braided packing of many different manufacturers. Double and special chemical seals can be quickly and easily fitted
Max Capacity:
    3.5 m3/hr
Max Pressure:
    30 bar
Max Capacity:
    78 m3/hr
Max Pressure:
    30 bar
Max Capacity:
    78 m3/hr
Max Pressure:
    30 bar
Max Capacity:
    150 m3/hr
Max Pressure:
    30 bar
Max Capacity:
    100 m3/hr
Max Pressure:
    30 bar
Max Capacity:
    150 m3/hr
Max Pressure:
    80 bar