Counter-flow', bottle-type cooling tower
  SBC -E (Standard model)
  SBC -ES (Low noise model)
  SBC -ESS (Super low noise model)
  Fan blades' contour & angles are designed for optimum air flow, performance & low noise operation, with minimum 'carry-over'.
  'In-fills' designed for high efficient heat exchange. The PVC 'in-fills', which is flame-resistance, has very high heat exchange characteristic. It is durable & able to withstand mild chemical.
  Unique sprinkler system incorporated with drift eliminators which prevents 'carry-overs'. Uniform distribution of circulating water over in-fills ensures maximum performance.
  ES & ESS models up to 500RT, tower c/w special mat which absorbs noise of water dripping onto the water basin. Mat also prevents water from splashing out of the tower.
  Casing & water basin are made of rigid FRP (fibreglass reinforced polyester). Light weight & eliminates corrosion.
  Steel components of the frame work are hot-dipped glavanised to minimise rust & corrosion.

Specially designed louvres.
• For smaller RT towers (SBC-3 to SBC-80), are installed with newly designed vertical louvres which are contoured to prevent water from splashing out.
• For larger size towers, the base steel of the louvres is initially chemical-treated before a thick layer of polyethylene coating is applied over. This polyethylene coating serves to stabilise air inlet while preventing water splashing out of the tower. Its durability, anti-corrosion treatment and ease in removing and assembling onto the tower, makes maintenance easy.

  Central air-conditioning systems
  Machine or process cooling in industrial applications