When the parent company started out in 1969, a refrigeration division was established with a 2-man sales team. With Genetron Refrigerant as the primary product back then, the range of products soon expanded to include a more comprehensive range of refrigeration and air-condition spare parts to better serve the industry. With continuing growth in the market and the need to be more specialised, Asiatic Refrigeration Pte Ltd was set up in 1988.

In 1995, after having garnered the experience in the local refrigeration and air-condition industries, and to fulfill our regionalization program, a branch sales office was set up in Malaysia. SMARCO KL Sdn Bhd has the role to reach out to users in the Malaysian market supported by our strong inventory and expertise in Singapore. In the same year, PT Asiatic Multindo Purbaya, the Indonesian subsidiary company, was set up in Surabaya. Working through this office, Asiatic Refrigeration's products are made available to the market there.

As the need to create a competitive edge becomes critical to stay ahead, in 2001, Asiatic Refrigeration set up an outlet in Changi. Unofficially known as 'Asiatic Changi', this sales-outlet has allowed for easy access to spare parts requirement for clients in the eastern region of Singapore.

In October 1, 2001, The Company was officially appointed the Exclusive Johnson Controls Product Specialist. This strength is recognized by Johnson Control (S) Pte Ltd, whom the company has already had a well-established business partnership. This partnership is further strengthened, when both companies signed a memorandum in commemorating the occasion.

Since the beginning, Asiatic Refrigeration had been providing spare parts support to the air-condition and refrigeration maintenance and repair market. This has held true to this day with our continual search for better products and improved services. Apart from having a wide range of products, we are staffed by a team of experienced and dedicated sales personnel to provide assistance to customers' needs.

In the early days of the company, there were only a handful of products, the are Alco Controls, Tecumseh Hermetic Compressors, Genetron Refrigerants, Suniso Oils, Johnson Controls, Imperial Eastman and Matsushita Compressors. Through the years, with the market exposed to more equipment from all around the world, we have also added to our range, other names which are indispensable in the industry such as Honeywell, Carrier-Carlyle, Sporlan, Joventa, Kuba, Bohn, Anaconda, AC & R, Nisshin, Kirby and Virginia KMP Products. This widening of product range allows for us to cater to the varying needs in the market. All these products are housed in our facilities conveniently located around Singapore.

Maintaining very strong links with manufacturers from Europe, United States and Japan, we are able to keep up with the latest technologies and product development. Conforming to the Montreal Protocol, the company has demonstrated our commitment to environmental protection policies. Further to this, we have technically competent and dedicated personnel to retrofit systems from CFCs refrigerant to HFC refrigerant on a chamber cascade system.

In recognition of the commitment to the Quality Management System, Asiatic Refrigeration Pte Ltd had been accredited with ISO9002 certification in 1998 and has now upgraded to the latest ISO9001-2000 accreditation.