The S$52 million Crawford Street Underpass leading to Republic Avenue has been in operation since 10th July 1999. Work started on this 6-lane, 414-meter-long underpass that runs below the Merdeka Bridge in September 1993. It is built to relieve the heavy congestion along Beach Road heading into the city.

With its proximity so close to the sea, the pumps used to handle storm water must really be robust and reliable. Here, the Land Transport Authority (LTA), has decided on four units of HOMA 73.6kW (98.6hp) with 300mm discharge size and one unit of 7.5kW (10 hp) pump with 100mm discharge to handle the inflow of storm water.

After 4 years of trouble-free operations, HOMA pump has once again proven to be the pump to rely on, for rough, tough and reliable applications.


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