The Biopolis is Singapore's physical manifestation of its commitment and ability to develop biomedical sciences as its fourth pillar of economic growth. A super complex of seven buildings where top-notch research institutes, private research organizations and renowned biomedical universities reside, the Biopolis Phase I is an 185,000-sqm facility located in one-north at Buona Vista - a mega project envisioned to be the hotbed of innovation and creativity in Asia.

Recognizing the significance of this Biomedical Hub, Asiatic Engineering P/L has the privilege to supply its pumps and be part of this project of such magnitude. Working closely with the M&E contractor, MONOFLO was their choice of pumps, for reliability & performance. Between August and October, 2003, we saw the commissioning & operation of 41 units of MONOFLO 'Kompact Series' (Model KP) Horizontal Split Case Pumpsets, 18 units of DP 'DPV Series' Vertical Multistage Stainless Steel Pumps, and 8 units of AMTROL Air Separators. The pumps were all coupled with High -Efficiency motors.