Greenheck organized the Asia Pacific Regional Representatives Meeting in Shanghai, China from the 20th to the 22nd August 2003. This meeting was attended by Greenheck representatives from Thailand, Taiwan, Malaysian, Korean, the Philippines, China and of course Singapore. Asiatic was represented by Ronnie, Clifford and Michael at this conference.

One of the highlights was our Asiatic Vietnam's Clifford Tan receiving the "Outstanding New Office Performance" award for FY2003 for Asia-Pacific. This award was in recognition for his efforts in clinching a project in Vietnam, which required Greenheck to mobilize most of the inventories from the warehouse in Dubai, Shanghai and Singapore in the QD (Quick Delivery) Program. Something that Greenheck had never been required to do before. 'Heck' of a job, Clifford!

Apart from the 2-day meeting in the Hyatt Hotel in Pudong, the attendees took a tour of Greenheck's facilities in Kunshan, China.

Greenheck is a leading US manufacturer for AMCA rated fans & ventilators, dampers & louvers.