Asiatic recently supplied 3 units of 1100 RT Shinwa Cooling Towers to a commercial building at Church St. This order demonstrates the advantages of Shinwa Cooling Towers being able to be assembled away from site and be lifted into position as a complete unit. The 3 units of cooling towers are perched precariously on a platform 10 meters above the roof of the 30-storey building.


In a conventional installation, the towers would have to be assembled at site. This would have caused a multitude of problems with components control at site.

The height of the installation would be an added risk to the installers. However, with this supply, the Shinwa Cooling Towers were assembled in Asiatic’s facilities, trucked to the ground level of the building and through a spectacular lifting operation done over 2 nights, all the towers were in place.

According to Michael Chang, Sales Manager for the section, the lifting of the cooling tower into place was spectacular, but the night scene from the top of the building was even more breathtaking.