The requirement is very stringent. It is a 4-storey warehouse with extra-high hazardous requirement designed & built for storage of hazardous chemicals and highly flammable products.

In ensuring the safety and integrity of the building, its occupiers and its goods, this warehouse located in Tagore Lane, is protected by Reddy-Buffaloes Fire Pumps that are UL listed/FM approved and also PSB listed. The complete system consists one unit of 10" R-B Pumps driven by a 420hp electric motor; an 8" emergency pump driven by a 443hp Clarke FM/UL diesel engine and the jockey pump is our DP Vertical Multistage pump.

Apart from the main pumps, there are also two sets of LPC approved, PSB listed Godwin 5" x 4" fire pumps driven by 75 hp electric motors.

Standing next to the 1.8 metre high engine-driven pump, Henry Tan, the Sales Manager for our Fire Protection Sales Division coolly asked, "So, where is the fire?"