"Lilliputt" is an 18-hole mini-golf putting amusement park located along East Coast Parkway, Singapore. The existing ball retrieval and transfer systems that were driven by roller chains were old and noisy. To resolve this problem, "Lilliputt" approached AsiaMech to propose a system that would be reliable and long lasting yet quiet and efficient.

Putting together the years of experience in mechanical power transmission & material handling, our team of engineers put together a system consisting a lifting mechanism driven by timing belt with linear guides. Timers and sensors are used to coordinate cycle time as well as detecting the presence of golf balls.


In February 2004, we completed the replacement of the golf ball transfer system for the "Sentosa" Hole, "Mount Faber" Hole and the "Padang" Hole.

Gulliver can now expect a round of mini-golf without distraction! …"Nice shot, AsiaMech…!"