Greenheck, America's leading manufacturer of ventilation equipment since 1947 has appointed Asiatic Engineering as their value added partner in Singapore and Vietnam.

With annual sales in excess of USD210 million, Greenheck designs and manufactures the widest range of equipments for air movement and control that are shipped all over the world. Greenheck equipment have been installed in many applications which require reliable and critical service or for installations in hazardous environments in both commercial, industrial and military applications.

Apart from having the widest selection of air movement equipment which includes also fire and smoke dampers, architectural louvers, energy recovery and kitchen ventilation systems, Greenheck also employs the latest in digital communications technology to enable users to access their products from anywhere in the world. Real time presentations direct from the Greenheck headquarters are available through "Webinar". With "Webinar" an interactive seminar program, participants from different parts of the world can, from the comfort of the office or home, participate in a seminar and interact with the presenter in real time.

To formalize Greenheck's support for Asiatic, Mr Larry Jackman, Vice President of International Operations met up with Asiatic staff during his tour round Asia in December. During the meeting, a presentation was organized by our ACMV Section showing the potential market and the various projects that are being worked on. Within this short period of cooperation, Asiatic's Vietnam office has already successfully put in Greenheck equipment in some projects there. With Greenheck's reputation and our marketing efforts, increasing sales in this market would be a 'breeze'. (pardon the pun).