With 2003 still fresh in the air, I wish all of our clients, our principals, our staff and all our friends a successful and prosperous year ahead.

This New Year began with uncertainties brought about by the standoff in Iraq. Closer to home, a possible crisis is looming in Indonesia after the hikes in the fuel & electricity prices leading to widespread demonstrations all over Indonesia.

North Korea announcing their backing out on the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and the 1994 pact to freeze its nuclear program has added to the treat of further military actions in the region. All these add to the already ailing economy.However, this dire economic situation will not stop Asiatic from continually pursue our objective to build tighter bonds with our business associates. It is during times like this that we have to garner our resources and make ourselves stand out from the crowd.

We are also not letting the weak economy stop the launch of our new website, and we see it as being timely to share with you information of the latest products available and also to open up more about the companies and businesses of Asiatic Group of Companies. It is our desire that through this website, Asiatic can now create a closer bond with clients and manufacturers alike. With this website, a complete range of the products with the leverage of our experience garnered over the 34 years, we have put together in an organized structure, a library of information that you can have access to, all at the click of a mouse.

We will share with you the history of Asiatic Group of Companies. Where we were 34 years ago and what we are today. I feel that this is an important aspect because I have always felt that with any equipment purchased, it is not just the product that one is paying for, but the value that comes along with it. With Asiatic, this value is not just the 34 years of experience in successful applications, but the really valuable experiences are the lessons learnt from failures as well. With so many years behind us, we have had so many successes but we have not forgotten to learn.

Putting up this website is a milestone in Asiatic's history and when we reflect upon the journey and we must thank our clients and supporters, many of whom have supported us since the early years. We also reflect on the times we have made mistakes, but it is with the principals who have guided us and helped us transform this into valuable lessons. Many of you, principals and clients, have known us since the company started and have seen us through good times and bad, but have all given us your support and believed in us. There is finally one very important group of people whom I'd like to express my gratitude; they are my co-drivers, the people in Asiatic who have helped me maneuver out of bumps and potholes. Now, it is even more so that I have to call upon all of you again to work together to steer through these hard times that everyone is facing now. I know we have not come to the journey's end and we can all work together, our friends, our clients, our principals and all in Asiatic Group, to go another 34 years and more and make this journey a more gratifying and fulfilling one.

Once again, I wish one and all a successful and prosperous 2003 and to all our Chinese friends, I wish you a Year of The Goat that would bring bundles of golden hay!