In some countries, when rain falls short, they turn to 'cloud-seeding' or The Red Indians do the rain dance. When the Jurong Bird Park needed rain, Asiatic Engineering stepped in. It's rain that they want, then rain they get, from light drizzles to tropical storms.

In August last year, a new attraction that simulates a tropical rain forest called the 'South East Asia Aviary' was added to the Jurong Bird Park, a popular attraction to both locals and tourists. With the basic concept provided by the consultant, Asiatic manifested the system by collaborating with the control specialists to develop the sequence and design.


This rain simulation unit is made up of 2 units of vertical multistage pumps controlled by VSD (Variable Speed Drives) with signals sent from a PID (Proportional gain/ Integration timer/ Differential gain) Process Control and a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller). Data is collected by two units of rain gauge sensors located in 2 places in the aviary.

Rainwater is collected by the rain gauges and is constantly measured with signals sent back to the PID for processing to either increase or decrease the amount of water required. This signal is in turn sent to the PLC for sequencing and to be relayed to the VSD controlling the speed of the pump. The pumps supplied are 2 of our 15kW MONOFLO MultiPress Series Vertical Multistage Centrifugal Pumps.

So, take a break Mother Nature! Monoflo Pumps will take over.