DP Pumps of Holland, has always been a tough competitor to other manufacturers of stainless steel vertical in-line pumps in the market.

Understanding how it is essential to meet customers' needs to stay ahead of the competition, DP Pumps will be shortening their delivery lead time to the Asian region by setting up a regional distribution center here in Singapore. Asiatic, who is also the sole distributor of DP-Pumps in Singapore, is proud to have been identified as a valued partner to carry out this operation.


In November of 2002, Mr. Laurens Kruit of DP-Pumps, Area Manager for Asia, was in Singapore to sign an 'Memorandum Of Agreement' for this new set up. Urgent regional requirements will be dispatched from here instead of coming out of Holland, effecting a cost saving in shipping for the clients in the Asian region. Cost aside, it would also cut shipping time, giving users an even faster delivery.

We should see the first lot of DP pumps inventory filling the Regional Distribution Warehouse by the first quarter of this year. With this, we should see many more black pumps turning blue.