Since 1976, PEP has been providing filtration, separation and adsorption technologies for cooling towers, process fluids/water and wastewater treatment applications. Its worldwide customers have all benefited from our single source filtration solutions approach.

Studies show that 40-60% of all cooling towers are contaminated with the Legionella Pneumophila bacteria. And Legionella growth rates increase dramatically between 25°C and 50°C. In the Spring 2000 ASHRAE IAQ Bulletin, it is recommended that "a side stream filtration system should be installed and operated continuously. Filter systems that remove low-density organic particles must be used since these particles provide habitat and nutrients that stimulate bacterial growth including Legionella. Centrifugal separators do not remove very small or low-density particles and therefore are not appropriate for this purpose."

Benefits of Clean Water

Total suspended solids or TSS is one of the most common and serious culprits that can adversely affect system performance by causing fouling. Foul is formed when particles such as soil, dust, biological debris, corrosion products, etc. suspended in water are cemented together by biological slime and reinforced by precipitated solids to form a layer on heat exchange surfaces. A 1992 ASHRAE report states that "a typical 200 ton cooling tower in a season may assimilate upwards of 600 pounds of particulate matter from airborne dust and make-up water supply."

The benefits of removing such particles are obvious:
Reduced energy consumption;
Improved chemical performance;
Lower maintenance cost; and
Improved productivity and less downtime.

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