The new HoChiMinh City Television (HTV) station was completed with an impressive 250m high Antenna Tower located at No.9 NguyenThiMinhKhai Street, District 1, HoChiMinh City, VietNam.

HTV established in May 1 st,1975, is a state-owned television station, managed by the HCM People of Committee. With access to both analogue and digital technology, HTV provides to the viewers, education programs, movies, sports, music, advertisement slots, etc.
They also have their own film enterprise.


  Asiatic is proud to have our pumps installed in one of the two largest television stations in VietNam . Our VietNam office has successfully supplied and commissioned these pumps for the application of circulating chilled and condensed water in the new station’s central air-conditioning system. The choice of make is Monoflo, DIN-Master Series, End Suction Back Pullout Centrifugal Pumps. The models installed include DMT100-260, DMT100-200 and DMT80-200.

Monoflo DIN-Master End Suction Back Pullout Centrifugal Pumps