Wedding "Bells" were heard in Malaysia in June 2003. These bells were tolled for the merger of Bells Marketing Sdn Bhd and Asiatic KL Sdn Bhd. The courtship between the companies had taken about 6 months. It is clear that both companies have strengths that compliment each other and the merger created a synergy of marketing and sales operations. The merger has given both teams new opportunities in each other's products, with the wide range of Valves & Fittings from Bells Marketing, and a wide range of Pumps from Asiatic.

The new operation of the merger, Asiatic-Bells Sdn Bhd, is headed by CEO, Mr. S.C. Foo. With his years of experience both in Singapore and Malaysia, together with the team of dedicated staff both from formerly Asiatic KL and Bells Marketing, working 'hand-in-hand', we can expect the business of this merger growing leaps and bounds.

While they work 'hand-in-hand' down the aisle, may we wish them a successful and fruitful matrimony.