FTI, Finish Thompson Inc., has launched an all-new high viscosity drum pump that handles up to 100,000cp. The HVDP Series drum pumps are positive displacement pumps using a progressive cavity design to gently move highly viscous materials up the pump tube in a smooth, non-pulsing flow. The progressive cavity design requires a relatively slow speed to operate properly. A planetary gear set speed reducer enables the HVDP Series pumps to accept 800 watt universal, induction or air motors.

It is ideally suited for the transfer of high viscosity materials like honey, chemical pastes, greases, paints, shampoos, cream and many other materials that the conventional drum pump would not be able to handle.

Another feature worth mentioning is the exclusive camlock feature that connects the pump to the electric motor allowing for the pump to be disassembled quickly without the need for tools.

The FTI HVDP has one of the smallest dimensions for a high viscosity pump. Check out this amazing pump if you have to transfer any high viscosity liquid from a drum.