Improved performance…better efficiency…more rugged…great parts interchangeability, are some of the things ISO-Magna is made of! Superior hydraulic design and manufacturing processes, make ISO-Magna a performance-oriented robust pumps, ensuring extended life and operating at significant higher efficiencies and greater performance with minimum maintenance.

Depending on pumping conditions & applications, ISO-Magna can be engineered in various material executions and seal-types to meet the need. It can cater to flow up to 250 litres/sec, and discharge pressure up to 160 metres, with working pressure from 16 bar to 24 bar, depending on material of construction.

Also available now, as option, ISO-Magna can be supplied 'XcelBond' Coating…

'XcelBond' is the solution when your pumps are operating in tough environments. It protects against corrosion, good resistance to weathering & tough environment, great abrasion & impact resistance, low friction coefficient hence improving flow, and…it gives the pump a quality surface finish & aesthetically pleasing!