Greenheck's High Performance Axials, Model AX, are direct driven axials designed for in-line air ventilation in commercial or industrial buildings. The casing design and construction are well suited to indoor or outdoor applications and can be easily installed in ducted or non-ducted systems. The AX is designed to reduce operating costs with improved efficiency.

Additionally, the AX blade design offers inherently lower sound levels than other axial fans.

The AX is available in 14 sizes that cover a wide range of volumetric flow and pressure conditions. Additionally, the blade pitch is field adjustable to accommodate system changes.

Typical Ventilation Applications include:

Supply & return fans for air handling equipment

Emergency smoke and heat exhaust

Stairwell pressurization

Parking garage & storage facility exhaust

Industrial process ventilation

Tunnel ventilation

Capacity Ranges:

Volumes up to 115,000 cfm (54m3/s)
External static pressures to 5 inches wg (1250 pa)

High Performance Propeller
The AX blades shape and hub are designed to move high volumes of air with less power to save on long-term energy cost.

Tight tolerances between the blades and casing improve overall efficiency. This improved efficiency in turn reduces the overall sound levels, but the AX is even quieter as a result of the wide blade shape and unique blade spacing. The asymmetrically blade locations reduce the blade pass frequency tones while generating a smoother sound spectrum


The choice of five different hub diameters, along with variations in blade quantities, ensures that the most economical air performance can be achieved. In addition, during the design process, close attention was paid to the "hub-to-tip" ratios. This is a comparison of the hub diameter to the "tip-to-tip" dimension of the blades. Different choices of hub to tip ratios further optimize fan performance and provide a cost effective solution by not over sizing a hub to produce required volumes and pressures.
Configuration Options
The AX is available in a variety of casing configurations to provide solutions for many different applications & design requirements.
AX Long Casing, AX-L | Designed for ducted or plenum type applications. The all welded long-casing completely covers the motor and propeller assembly. This design offers numerous mounting options including horizontal and vertical casing orientations with ceiling hung or base mounting.

AX Short casing, AX-S | Can be applied to wall mount, plate mount or unducted applications. The short casing improves access to the motor and reduces the overall weight of the product.
AX Vane section, AX-V | Long cased axial with vane section, further improves the efficiency of a standard AX-L. The bolt on section includes aerodynamically shaped vanes that convert kinetic energy of swirling air into useful static pressure. This design will improve the overall fan efficiency. Excellent option for higher pressure ducted applications.

AX Upblast Roof mounted, AX-U | Designed for roof mounted ventilation. Standard construction includes a heavy gauge spun curb to reduce inlet losses, a butterfly damper section for backflow prevention, and a windband section to protect the butterfly dampers from debris.