DP-Pumps introduces Model 'DPVCF'…Heavy-duty pump for heavy-duty applications. In applications where vertical multistage pumps are installed, and where thermal pipe expansions may occur, puts stress and 'forces' on the suction/discharge casing of the pumps.
Figure 1 right illustrates a field example…In this extreme scenario, a DPVCF 18 is installed at room temperature where dimension A is about 250mm long, and B is 5000mm. When the system is fired up to operating at a temperature of 100oC, there is an expansion of the pipeline, which resulted the force, F, of more than 5000kg (11lbs) acting on the casing of the pump! With this consideration, DPVCF was designed with a robust suction/discharge pump casing with additional reinforcement, to handle such operating characteristics.
Boiler feed
Marine applications
(Heavy) industrial applications
Handling of high temperature medium applications


DPVCF Advantages
Robust and solid design of pump casing, including additional strengthening ribs.
Additional pipe supports directly besides the pump, relieving the pump casing from extreme forces, are no longer required.
The pump hydraulics will not be affected by pipe stresses transferred to the pump casing.
Build in sizes are equal to the standard DPV(S)F series.
Proven and durable cast iron technology.
The hydraulic assembly is thermal shock proof. The same hydraulic components are used as with the DPV(S)F series.
The hydraulic assembly is interchangeable with the DPV(S)F series. Which affects the number of spare parts on stock.
Sleeve O-rings (elastomers) with better performance at more extreme temperature changes (E 425).