With advanced engineering, SIL-Tec is a range of sleek & compact, stainless steel, monobloc multistage electric centrifugal pumps, designed to operate quieter than most fan-ventilated motor-driven pumps. It operates at noise level of 35 dBA or less, making it ideal for handling water and pressure boosting in residential and commercial places such as schools, hotels, theaters, hospitals, etc., where low operating noise is of optimum importance.

SIL-Tec is available in two model versions - Model SV, the 'vertical stand' design; and Model SVL, which has an 'in-line' construction. Depending on the constraint of installation sites, Sil-Tec offers options to cater to situations.

Low Noise [Water-cooled Motor]

The induction rewindable motor in the pump, is cooled by the pumped liquid. This 'circulating water jacket' not only cools the motor, but also suppresses level of noise generated by the motor, resulting in very quiet operation. With this unique cooling method, ventilation for the motor need not be a consideration, allowing the pump to be installed even in congested enclosures.

Double Sealing

In Monoflo SIL-Tec, the motor is protected by two mechanical seals - one installed on the hydraulic (pump) side, and the other on the motor.


Leakage-free design

Its 'shrouded' construction makes SIL-Tec leakage-free even should the seals within the pump fail.



Building services | Water transfer & pressure systems in residential & commerical buildings; fire hosereel systems.

Industrial | Circulation in machine cooling; washing systems; general (process) water handling & pressure boosting in manufacturing processes; water treatment system.

Others | Agriculture & light irrigation; fountains & water feature application.