Finish Thompson's extended KC 3 series pumps can

now deliver flow rates of up to 44 m3/hr and a maximum head of 32 m in chemically aggressive environments. The pump has a maximum fluid temperature capability of 104 ºC and its magnetic drive configuration will ensure leak-free performance.

The enhanced capabilities of the new plastic pump series has been combined with an extension in its versatility, with closed impeller and multistage units also now available. In addition, the latest generation of KC 3 series pumps can also be specified to conform with the EU's ATEX directive for use in explosive environments.
The magnetic drive utilises neodymium rare earth magnets to ensure a compact design. Combined with carbon bushing and a ceramic spindle, this configuration provides end users with a run dry capability that can last for up to 24 hours claim the manufacturers.

Polypropylene or PVDF housings can be specified with the centrifugal pump. According to the manufacturers both options offer good chemical and corrosion resistance.

Typical end uses for the KC 3 series centrifugal pumps include metal treatment processes, chemical transfers, and effluent treatments.